It comes with a new sovol self-developed high flow all metal hotend, the bigger melt zone and traffic make it capable to print at 150mm/s as standard printing speed.


Need Help. Sovol SV06 PLUS New Large 3D Printer | Planetary Direct Drive Extruder| High Flow All Metal Hotend.


Sovol SV06 is a Budget All Metal Hotend Direct Drive 3D Printer with compact functions in 2022.

Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 Layer Fan Duct – Black ABS. Select options. See our 69 reviews on.

Brand new to 3D printing purchased and received my SV06 Plus a week ago.

facebook. In this video, I'll be unboxing Sovol SV06. If you've searched the Sub and you still need help please be as detailed as possible.

Surprisingly, the SV06 Plus has very few problems with stringing. The SV06 Plus will give larger print area, but the nozzle (and possibly other parts of the hotend) are proprietary.


Sovol SV06/SV06 Plus 5015 Layer Fan Upgrade Kit.

I. The Sovol SV06 is an FDM 3D printer in a modular design with beautiful turquoise colour accents.

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The Sovol SV06 isn’t perfect, but it is very good. And the touch-screen will make it difficult to use replacement firmware such as Unified 2 by TH3D (recommended, btw). Copy link. . . .

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And even though the print bed has a large area, we expected the heating times to be faster. .

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Which isn’t unusual.

I’ve had my SV06 for a few weeks, and have been keeping it busy.

Sovol's self-developed planetary geared all-metal.

0 – Fits 200W and 350W Models – STL Download.