After spending nine seasons on a show where he was playing himself, Jerry Seinfeld has largely strayed from scripted television and films since Seinfeld ended.

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Jason Alexander revealed why the "Seinfeld" crew ended the show after nine seasons.

But by the time “The End” rolled around, audiences had already been through a lot with time loops, time jumps, and more. Following a gang of New York misanthropes played by Jerry Seinfeld. .

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We had such high hopes for you.

“We’ve all seen a million athletes where you say, ‘I wish they didn’t do those last two years,’” Seinfeld told The New York Times in 1997, after. .

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It stars Jerry Seinfeld.

An award-winning groundbreaker, the show avoided the tropes of its sitcom ancestors by humorously portraying the trivialities and.

The answer is no. . We had such high hopes for you.

class=" fc-smoke">20 hours ago · March 12, 2023. . Oct 4, 2021 · Monday 10/4/2021 at 3:00AM EDT. At the time, Seinfeld attributed his decision to walk away from the show as a matter of “timing. Advertisement.

Ot solidified them as being bad people, and it ended on a joke from the very first scene of Seinfeld, a fantastic way to end.

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television situation comedy that was among the most popular programs of the 1990s.