The Dagger Code has a high rockered bow that stays dry over features and also has a planing hull with crisp rails for smooth carving. .

I'm an intermediate kayaker - class IIIs and just got the point where I have a consistent roll.


The boat shown in the images is a medium Code and is the lower action spec. 00. .

Go with your gut and get a medium.

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Dagger Code Dagger Mamba In following table I have listed the three main sizes of the kayaks and matched although some of the dimensions of a say a middle of the size range Mamba could also be easily compared against the smallest Code. .

Dagger Code MD.



Go with your gut and get a medium. class=" fc-falcon">Description. Paired with the Contour Ergo Creek outfitting--the most adjustable and comfortable outfitting available--you will.

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A planning hull, wide stern profile for stability and high-rise bow rocker lead the design charge, making it at home in creeks or big water.

Large Dagger Code Specs:LENGTH: 9' 2" / 279 CM. Should I get a large or medium Dagger Code? I'm 6'2'', but only 157 lbs.

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