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Coast Guard usage, the term cutter refers to a Coast Guard vessel more than 83 feet (25 metres) long and not classed as an.

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The reason you can carry more sail area is that you carry rectangular sails,.

All reefing lines lead back to cockpit Wichard Boom Brake.

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Instead of one large head sail, the cutter breaks up its forward sail area in to two smaller head sails.

The cutter rig is purely a solution to add sail power to a hull designed with a full bow (which in turn can carry weight); the full keel needs the power forward along its length to drive it against common offshore. The cutter rig distributes the sail area over an additional sail, and that inner forestay is a superior position from which to hank on a low-flown storm sail. .

The Cutter Rig. What’s in a Rig Series #2.

But with any real force upon it, the inner forestay can distort the shape of the mast; this will require a countereffort.

Enter the intermediate running backstay.

. Bluewater Cruising: Cutter Rig versus Solent Rig - Part 2.

Sail area: -Main: 243 ft² / 22. 36' Bowman 36 Oriental, North Carolina Asking $73,500.

The Cutter Rig.
Padeyes forward: I prefer to use a combination of two folding padeyes and a single double padeye.


The essence of the cutter rig is to add fore-end power to a hull designed with a full bow (which in turn can carry weight); the boat needs the power forward, along its length to drive it against common offshore sea.

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Jan 23, 2013 · class=" fc-falcon">To run the purchase through the thimble, attach a second thimble underneath like a fiddle block. Aug 26, 2019 · Misunderstood The value of the cutter / full keel combo will be under appreciated and over simplified in discussion by sailors who have little experience in these vessels. The 3 most common one-masted rigs are: Cat - one mast, one sail; Sloop - one mast, two sails; Cutter - one mast, three or more sails; 1. fc-falcon">It takes into consideration “reported” sail area, displacement and length at waterline. A sail area/displacement ratio below 16 would be considered under powered; 16 to 20 would indicate reasonably good performance; above 20 suggests relatively high.


. Deck saloon version of the Vancouver 34 Classic.

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Cutters had a rig with a single mast located 50% of.

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